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      Over the years, XIGAOLED has maintained rapid growth. Through the independent research and development system, we continue to carry out innovative activities to provide the public with a high-quality, energy-saving and beautiful artificial lighting environment. The products involve five major fields such as business, construction, office, light source electrical appliances, and home furnishing, especially commercial lighting has maintained a leading position in the industry

business model

Provide one-stop service for cross-border e-commerce enterprises

Factory free design, free mold opening, can be underwritten

Strong sales team

It is estimated that the full-year OEM production will be 80 million

R & D advantage

       The company has set up a professional R&D team to continuously overcome technical difficulties and develop 2-3 new products every month. The company attaches great importance to product research and development, and constantly develops new product styles and adds new product functions. Take a leading position in the research and development technology field of the market.

The future planning

Grasp the trend and trend of customer and market demand, constantly expand the width and depth of products, enrich the product line

Promote the blank market, implement a unified price system, and maintain price stability in all regions.

The company to seize the opportunity, outward expansion, inward tap potential, expand XIGAO visibility, to achieve leapfrog development


Our advantage

company culture

Adhering to the concept of "light environment expert" and relying on its own strong design, R&D and manufacturing capabilities

brand design

XXX lighting Architectural lighting, endow the building with soul and life, highlight the individual style and artistic taste of the building, let the building, people and nature coexist harmoniously, and create a healthy and beautiful architectural light environment


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The customer


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